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Why Catchlight CSRA?

It's great to meet you! We're the faces behind Catchlight CSRA! After 10+ years in the wedding photography business, we're excited to

introduce our new adventure to you-

Preschool and Childcare photography.

We are specialized in taking care of the photography needs of the families we serve. Courtney is the photographer who will come to the schools and capture smiles, and Shandon is available to help promptly via email for any booking inquiries, ordering support, or other questions a parent or childcare center may have.

Children change so much over the course of just a few months- from newborns to elementary school students, we work closely with school staff to create a fun and relaxed portrait session for each child. With our system, parents never have to decide how many photos they will purchase before they see the images. We utilize an easy online ordering system, where parents can browse through their children's portrait gallery and place orders at their leisure to have them delivered directly to their door.

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How it Works:

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[assistant photographer + smiles coordinator]

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The process is simple- all aspects of the portrait experience are handled by us, including most parent communication, online viewing, ordering, printing, and payment. After discussing your school's needs, a backdrop will be chosen and we'll set up a date for Picture Day. (Depending on the number of students at your center, this may be multiple days.)

Your school's director or secretary will be asked to complete an online form with the class and student roster. You will be given a poster to hang and flyers with a QR code for parents to register.

On Picture Day, setup will be completed early in the morning, and the children will be escorted by one of your staff members to the portrait location.

Not long after Picture Day, photos will be ready for online viewing and ordering in private, password-protected galleries. Parents are sent an email with all information on how to access their gallery. Your center will also be sent the list of access codes for the galleries. All orders are then delivered to the school or the purchaser's home, via our professional printing lab.

What you can expect:

Be sure all children are registered & your center roster has been uploaded to ensure a smooth process. Verify children are fed (cheerios are a great option for the littles!) I will start off with a short introduction and gauge reactions. I then direct them to my backdrop and move through a series of quick, successive pose requests to create a unique session for each child. I will never force a child into a position they are unable or comfortable with. I will ask twice and then offer to assist. If they aren't having it, I follow their lead and photograph them doing what they are comfortable with. Once our session is complete, I thank them for doing such a wonderful job and send them back to class. I do my absolute best to model my personal energy after theirs. The excited child gets an excited photographer. The shy child gets a slowed-down and quiet photographer. If we've worked together before, I do my best to remember something about last time to continue building the relationship.

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What Comes Next:

Once the photos are taken, I pack up my set and bring the images home for processing. Within a few days, sneak peeks will be posted on social media, with permission from the center. At this time, you are free to tag and share with your parents. Parents are encouraged to tag and share with their family and friends! These are only sneak peeks, and galleries will be uploaded shortly after!

In the email, parents will receive a link and password to access their child's gallery. Usually between 5-10+ photos will be delivered. QR codes will be sent to the center to distribute. Orders can be placed up to two weeks after galleries are released. They are shipped directly to the childrens' homes, or to the center to be passed out.

The final order date is two weeks after galleries are sent.

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What Sets can we choose from?

Schools can choose from any of our available sets, or you can leave it up to me to decide! Some schools might like to have a poll on social media to drive up excitement. All seasons and most holiday sets are available upon request. Want something else? All you need to do is ask!

Do you prefer outdoor, candid, or more traditional sets? Just request it when inquiring! I am happy to accommodate! Take a look at these outdoor setups we've done previously! All we need is a shady spot without cars in the background. I'll come look around for a great spot if you'd like! We'll bring a desk and supplies for the children to interact with.

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Bush with Flowers
Pastel blue and yellow flower doodle
Pastel purple and white flower doodle

These are just a few of the backgrounds we have available!

Each year or season we can bring something different than the last with no repeated scenes!

Back to School/Fall/Christmas/Winter/Easter/Spring/Summer are all available

and we are looking to add more to our collection in the coming months.

Spring Grass

Traditional Class Groupings

Traditional Class Groupings

Class Composites

Class Composites

School Composites

School Composites

Teacher & Staff Photos

Teacher & Staff Photos

(Staff can opt to receive optional & complimentary VIP retouching -

light wrinkle + blemish removal, eye sparkle, teeth whitening)

(Staff can opt to receive optional & complimentary VIP retouching -

light wrinkle + blemish removal, eye sparkle, teeth whitening)




Pre-K/Kindergarten Graduation | Cap & Gown

(We provide robes in a variety of colors if needed)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a portrait day for my center?

Contact Shandon at to inquire. We photograph schools within 50 miles of the CSRA.

What age range of students do you photograph?

We specialize in preschool and daycare, so the primary age groups we photograph are between 6 weeks and 8 years. For the littlest students, we bring a seat poser for assisting in sitting up and often have a basket or little couch to add an additional pose. I am sure to verify sitting capabilities and belly temperament before trying.

Is there a minimum number of students needed?

Yes, and no. In order to bring my studio set and lights, I require a minimum of 20 children to be registered for portraits. If you'd like everyone photographed, I need a school roster which includes parent contact info to send galleries out.

Do you offer sibling portraits or cousin portraits?

Absolutely! All students have the option of being photographed together and separate with family members.

When do you schedule portrait sessions?

Photos are taken primarily in the Spring and Fall, but I also offer Christmas, PreK Graduation, and Summer options! We start first thing in the morning, depending on the number of students, and multiple days may be scheduled to ensure all students have the opportunity for top-notch portraits.

How long does each child's portrait session take?

Depending on the age of the child, anywhere from a minute or two to several minutes. Because every attempt is made to get personal with the children and to capture authentic smiles, there is no "assembly line" -type structure to school portraits with me.

How many poses does each child get?

My goal is to give each child an individualized mini session. I go through a series of standing, sitting, and prop poses. Each child should have no less than 3 poses (pending willingness), but often receive 6+ images to choose from. Siblings will get a minimum of 2 poses together.

How do parents place orders?

Each school receives an easy-to-use online website that showcases each child's photos in individually password-protected galleries. Parents order right there in their gallery. Sibling galleries are combined in checkout! If some parents at your school need assistance with online ordering, or prefer to pay via cash or check, this can always be arranged.

When do parents need to pay for pictures?

If the center chooses to require prepaid photos, a small deposit is taken upon registration. This deposit is credited towards the account and package purchase. Selections and purchases are made in an online gallery a few days after the portrait date! There is no pre-printing or viewing at pickup to purchase. If prepay is not chosen by the center, parents will select their photo choices 100% online! This means ZERO additional work for teachers and directors!

How long does it take for portraits to arrive in the mailbox after ordering?

Parents can choose for orders to arrive to their home. They are shipped directly via the printing lab. They usually take 8-10 days to arrive. Orders shipped to the center all arrive at once and may be on hold until the batch is completed. Parents who choose batch shipping to the center are exempt from all shipping fees.

What types of payment are accepted?

Our website accepts all major credit cards!! There is no money collection for teachers to worry about.

Can families place a second order or reorder more prints?

Of course! As long as the gallery hasn't been archived yet, they can order as much or as little as they'd like, including digitals with a print release.

** If students have prepaid, any child who was not photographed or refused to be photographed, will receive a refund after picture day. I do not typically offer reshoots, but I do offer a small discount on personal sessions.

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