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Picture Day

Picture Day Information

(for all preschools)

with Catchlight CSRA

{ A division of Sugar Peach Productions}

Picture day for our preschool centers are coming up just around the corner! I am so excited to be taking your child's Spring Portraits this year! I will do my best to give each child a variety of photos (Usually 5-10) to choose from. There are no order forms to keep up with! All ordering is done ONLINE via the link sent home with your student after photos have taken place.


Newborn posing, tummy time, supported sitting, sitting alone, cruising, and standing- we know how to work with it all! On your child's photo day, I'll have seating, baskets, blankets, and the necessary props for every age group and ability. I will do my absolute best to get their natural, genuine smiles with silly dances, toys, songs, and goofy sounds. (I'm a mom of 2 under 4, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve that work pretty consistently for me!) We'll play a little and have a great time! For the older toddlers, you can let them know it's picture day, but don't tell them they need to smile- just let them know Ms Courtney is excited to play with them and wants to see all the different expressions they know- silly, angry, happy, surprised. Natural, genuine smiles will happen naturally and I'll be ready to capture them!


Dress your child in clothes that are comfortable, but clean and wrinkle-free. Send them in a bib if they're currently teething so they stay dry as possible until their picture time! Please avoid clothing with logos or other words on them. Don't forget shoes/socks- it's likely that your child's full body will be photographed as part of the session.


As long as time allows, your children will be photographed together and separately. I recommend dressing your children in coordinating colors, but not in matching outfits (or even the same patterns). Pick a color scheme that you like (that flows well with the current theme) and then dress all of the children in similar colors.


All photos will be processed and digitally enhanced to provide you with the best possible images. All photos will be uploaded to private password-protected galleries. Once photos are made available to purchase, you will receive an email/text to access your child/children's gallery. If you have more than one child, you will be able to view and purchase their photos at the same time.


A variety of print packages are available with the option to add additional digitals if you like. Additional individual sheets, specialty items, and individual digitals are also available once a package has been added to the cart. For the first week after photos are made available, you may choose to have the photos delivered to the center or have them shipped to your door. After the first week, direct shipping becomes the only option. Access codes may be shared (by you) with any family members who may want to see or place an order.

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Spring Picture Day

At Victory Baptist ELC

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March 22-24

Every child will be photographed!

galleries will be emailed & texted for individual and class portraits

Teachers will communicate your child's specific photo date closer to March.

Siblings may plan for the same day to have photos taken together.

More info to come!

Here's our

spring 2023 look for

Victory Baptist ELC!

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