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Traditional PhotographY

Some directors prefer us to provide a traditional style of photography for their studios and students. We have a vast array of colors and themes to choose from, and can order more upon request! When we do this, the chosen background is the only backdrop provided during photo day/week.

Traditional Group PhotographY

Due to the nature of traditional group photography, all members of the team need to be present at the same time for this photograph. We ask that the teachers set up the group pose the week before their picture day, so that we can quickly recreate it for the photo.

If it's not possible to have all group members to be present at the same time, we recommend that you take a look at our digitally composited group photo option!

* Turn around time for traditionally photographed student galleries is around 2-3 weeks, so please plan accordingly with ample time to order and deliver prints/buttons/swag before recital!

Digitally composited PhotographY

Capture the magic of your dance, cheer, or gymnastics team like never before with our digitally composited photographs! While traditional photos are undeniably charming, we elevate your experience by going the extra mile!

Imagine having the power to seamlessly remove and replace backgrounds, offering a selection of 5-10 unique backdrop options each year. What's more, we specialize in tailoring these backgrounds to perfectly match the theme of your brand, recital, or event, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your memories.

Embrace the future of photography with our digitally enhanced compositions!

Background color options are infinite!

For all galleries, we aim to have a small, more manageable collection of pre-selected colors that match your studio's brand, recital theme, or the costumes for the current season. For example:

Composited Group PhotographY

* Turn around time for digitally extracted composite student galleries is around 2-4 weeks (depending on studio size), so please plan accordingly with ample time to order and deliver prints/buttons/swag before recital!


(recital videography)

With 13+ years of wedding videography experience (with our sister company Sugar Peach Productions), our videography team at Catchlight CSRA would love to capture your dance company's recital performances! Our professional videographers use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every performance is recorded in stunning high-definition, right down to the details of the tap shoe sounds on stage! We are dedicated to capturing every smile, step, leap, and pirouette your dancers bring to their fabulous performance.

Videography rates begin at $2000 base rate, with $25 per routine filmed.

This rate includes a download link to your final recital film, and a personalized web page to send out to dancers, with the option of an archive website of your studio's previous recitals we've recorded.

We also offer a variety of recital options, which are listed below:

• Themed introductions (see above- Disney and Anniversary Celebration) - addtl. $200

Backstage/rehearsal "Behind the Scenes" highlight reels - addtl. $500

Montage of clips from studio rehearsals leading up to the performance - addtl. $500

• On stage (steadicam or 8 foot jib arm from audience) moving camera.

Allows for close up shots on stage with the dancers, 360 spins, more theatrical and interactive cinematography) - addtl. $500. Filmed during rehearsals and mixed with Performance Day stationary footage in post.

( Custom Branded USB Drives and NFC scannable chipped cards available upon request)

We've found that when most dance studios divide the total cost by the number of students, it comes to about $10-30 per dancer. Alternatively, the USB or NFC tangible cards can be sold with markup to fundraise for the dance company.